Re: Flickering MVF-1 Monitor

Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:49 pm

My MVF-1 Monitor shows constant flicker.

I had some very severe ghosting / delay recently that basically made the monitor
It was on an exterior shoot on a somewhat cold New York winter day so my suspicion
is that it was temperature related.
Having said that it is kind of disappointing. Temperature was in the 20s. I have worked with
many displays that were just fine in those conditions.
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Re: Flickering MVF-1 Monitor

Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:22 pm

Every MVF-1 monitor I've used has suffered from ghosting and flickering. I've never even thought to raise this with Arri support since everybody I've spoken to has had the same experience – I had just assumed that the monitor wasn't great. The flickering gets a bit better after you've kept the monitor open for a bit of time, but there is always a bit of ghosting.
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Re: Flickering MVF-1 Monitor

Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:32 pm

I began having this problem with our first Amira after a few months (January 2015). I had lengthy communications with ARRI Service and also sent the camera in to be repaired twice ( July and November 2015). Even after the second try, the problem came back and never went away.

We sold that camera this January, but now I am having the same flickering (actually even worse) on our second Amira. The problem is intermittent, but very persistent. I used to only have flickering on the flip-out monitor with the live picture and playback. Now it's sometimes even noticeable with the menu screen. I haven't experienced it yet with our new Alexa Mini, I really hope it doesn't start flickering as well.

I slowly came to accept the problem, thinking it was a buggy 1st camera, or my luck. But now, seeing that many others have the same issue, my hopes, that someday the MVF will be usable without flickering, are coming back. I really hope that ARRI has isolated the problem and can offer a solution soon.

Has there been an advancement..?
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