Still Photography Solutions

Continuous lighting for still photography and video

Continuous lighting for still photography and video

With deep roots in the film and TV market, ARRI understands the needs of image capture with continuous light sources. ARRI lighting allows for freedom in creativity - encouraging experimentation and originality. Our LED luminaries have a wide range of features and accessories that give you command over all fixture properties enabling you to experience pure creativity, expressive power and elegant brilliance in every lighting detail.

The ARRI LED family of products include a range of LED softlights, the ARRI SkyPanels and a range of LED Fresnel fixtures, the ARRI L-Series.

ARRI Still Photography Ambassadors

Gianni Baccega – Italy

Gianni Baccega is a professional photographer from Italy, specialized in still-life photography. His work is determined by caring a lot about the right lighting set up and the attention to detail. His passion for photography comes to him by performing the profession of a photographer.

William Barrington-Binns – Thailand

William Barrington-Binns is an international award winning photographer, specialized in commercial, Architectural Haute Couture photography and videography, he is also a concept artist. William is now based in Bangkok, Thailand, proactive in promoting both gender and ethnic equality, sustainable and fair trade for all.

Bruce Dorn – USA

Bruce Dorn is a professional photographer from the USA, in capturing beautiful people in beautiful places, fashion, swimwear, couture and lifestyle but also adventure, aerials & underwater, wildlife and motorsports. His style of work is concept driven, creatively composed, and his set ups are creatively illuminated.

Tadashi Endo – Japan

Tadashi Endo is a professional photographer from Japan, specialized in commercial photography, mainly car photography. He does not want to rely on post-production processes and therefore is determined to take his pictures in the best way possible.

John Engstrom – USA

John Engstrom is a professional lighting designer, photographer and cinematographer from the USA. His style of work is always to get the requested results in the safest, most efficient, prettiest way possible first and then allows for a more dangerous approach that usually ends in an edgy and beautiful result.

Wayne Johns – UK

Wayne Johns is a professional photographer, cinematographer and director for fashion, beauty, and advertising based in the UK. He is best known for his crisp and emotive imagery and as a master of lighting techniques with an artistic approach.  

Derek Makishima – Japan

Derek Makishima is a professional photographer born in the USA but living in Japan. His primary focus is on portraiture and automotive photography but he also dabbles into the  fashion and beauty photography from time to time. His style of work can be best described as bipolar and contradictory, dramatic yet quiet, simple yet dynamic, very much commercial but often referencing modern and fine art.

James Salzano – USA

James Salzano is a professional photographer from the USA with Italian roots, specialized in people, portraits, and lifestyle. His style of work is direct and dignified, honest and compassionate and he works hard to portray his subjects just like this.

Jem Schofield – USA

Jem Schofield is a professional producer/ director, DP, and educator based in the US but originally born in Scotland. His work varies, much of it is documentary or documentary style (for corporate work) and all of his work is focused on creating the best images possible but always putting the story or content first.

Eberhard Schuy – Germany

Eberhard Schuy is a professional photographer from Germany, specialized in international advertising and industrial photography as well as a coach, advisor, concept developer and author of many training concepts and books about photography. His focus is on still-life photography, creating pictures that are very reduced to represent the actual object. He prefers to achieve this without editing and rather concentrates on an excellent lighting set up.