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Rail and Lighting Kits

Flexible lighting installation for small production sites

Small sites and studios for visual productions have become more important given today’s fast-paced media ecosystems. No matter if you shoot video or photo for the web, print, or broadcast, the ARRI Rail and Lighting Kits provide a flexible and easy-to-use setup for indoor lighting.

Fly Track Kits

A solid basis for rigging your lighting setup are the ARRI Fly Track Kits. Movable rails can be mounted directly on the ceiling or on truss constructions, while pantographs allow your luminaries to be flexible in height in rooms with 4.5 m (14 ft. 9 in.) tall ceilings. The ARRI Fly Track Kits come in three versions:

Small: 2 fixed rails, 1 moveable rail, 2 friction pantographs

Basic: 2 fixed rails, 1 moveable rail, 3 friction pantographs

Medium: 2 fixed rails, 2 moveable rails, 3 friction pantographs

Please download the description and specifications below (L0-numbers apply to U.S. only).


Depending on the size of the room and set, we recommend a combination of up to three luminaires:

Small: 1 x L-Series L5-C, 1 x SkyPanel S30-C

Basic: 1 x L-Series L5-C, 1 x SkyPanel S30-C, 1 x L-Series L7-C

Medium: 1 x SkyPanel S60-C, 2 x L-Series L7-C

Accessories should include safety cables for every luminaire and Barndoors for the L-Series. The recommendation for the SkyPanels would be an Intensifier and Barndoors/Honeycomb 60°. Take a look at our Accessories Guide.


Using Stellar, the lighting control app from ARRI, in this production environment gives you total control of your on-set tools through your tablet. A USB-powered WiFi access point can be installed directly to any SkyPanel and the built-in DMX node provides signaling to the L5-C and L7-C.

Learn more about Stellar here.