ARRI Volucap_Netzwerk_IER2912

Works and Deliveries

Lighting fixtures

  • Luminaires
  • Luminaire Accessories
  • Lighting Accessories

Lighting control and network

  • Lighting control desks
  • Lighting control network infrastructure
  • Inter studio network
  • Lighting control setups
  • Ethernet and DMX network
  • Lighting IT

Suspension systems and control

  • Rails and carriages
  • Hoists and pantographs
  • Suspension control systems
  • Pipe grids and trussing

Curtains and cycloramas

  • Manual and automatic rail track systems
  • Cycloramas
  • LED cyclorama installations
  • Infinity curves
  • Green screens and green boxes

Electrical infrastructure

  • Electrical distribution for studio lighting
  • Main and sub power distribution boards (inrush current balancer, status feedback, DMX controlled dimmer racks)
  • Outlet field panels and socket boxes
  • Electrical and data cabling

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