Professional services for a wide array of content production environments

The ARRI System Group provides a complete range of services from consulting to facility integration to maintenance. Our expertise and experience are at your disposal before, during, and after the duration of your project. These services are also available wherever you are worldwide.



Our experienced lighting designers, system engineers, and managers contribute their knowledge and abilities from the very beginning to the very end of every project. The best luminaire is the one that does the job for your undertaking. We support your analyses, solution finding, and tendering preparations in all technical questions.

  • Conceptual and technical assistance for production lighting systems
  • Experienced engineers, lighting designers, and network specialists at your disposal
  • Evaluation of reasonable system redundancy
  • Migration from Tungsten to LED
  • Support for tendering procedures and descriptions

Lighting Design

The lighting design lays the foundation for all the work that follows. Having an interface between the creative and technical design process is a valuable tipping point in the life of a project; it facilitates and insures a successful lighting installation layout. Photometrical simulations can also help to achieve best results. Larger and more complex lighting systems could also benefit from a visualization of the aspired lighting solution. Tentative problems and opportunities can be identified easily before the installation and investors can be convinced with palpable arguments.

  • Ideation and consolidation of lighting concepts
  • Sketching of practical lighting designs
  • Feasibility analyses (technical and dramaturgical)
  • Photometrical assessment of the lighting design
  • 2D and 3D visualization

Photometrical Simulations and Measurements

Modern studios in HD, UHD, and HDR production environments are more sensitive to divergences and unsightliness in lighting distribution. Ambitious studio architecture (e.g. large windows behind the set) also strives for an exact knowledge of the resulting lighting distribution in the planning process to identify a functional and efficient lighting system.

  • Photometrical assessment of the studio situation
  • Consideration of architecture, camera systems, and look
  • Calculation with measurement data from each manufacturer
  • Photometrical simulation with state-of-the-art software
  • Photometrical evaluation of studios and stages

Structural and Power Engineering

The hands-on installation of a lighting system is about load and power. Considering the environmental impact of a future lighting system is an essential piece of the puzzle and the investment costs of a new lighting installation can be balanced by short and long-term energy savings.

  • Assessment of power consumption
  • Dimensioning and layout of main power distribution board
  • Sub distribution and layout of cable routes
  • Required load capacities for structural engineering
  • Structural assessment of rigging layouts
  • Return on investment analyses
  • Assessment of the environmental impact


From the design to the execution, the ARRI System Group provides every stage of the planning process for your lighting system. The scope ranges from luminaires and lighting control to rigging and electrical distribution to curtain and cycloramas. As a full-service provider, we understand the need for planning adjustments during the execution phase.

  • Lighting installations from scratch to production start
  • All phases in close collaboration with the customer
  • Planning of all adherent installations: rigging, signaling, powering
  • Green screen, green box, curtain, and cyclorama installations
  • Ascertainment of basic data
  • Budget plan, preliminary design, basic design, execution plan
  • Detailed documentation of the planning process and planning contents

Integration Management

We supervise and administer all stages and aspects of the project execution. This guarantees an early identification of any needs for correction and provides a flexible, cost-saving approach to any kind of modifications to the design freeze.

  • Development of installation plan
  • Stake holderoriented implementation of project plan
  • Integrated change management
  • Control of supply and delivery
  • Transparent cost calculation through the complete process


Our experienced technicians and teams are prepared to come to grips with any lighting installation, even under most challenging of circumstances. We also like to rely on local installation crews, as the familiarity with a place is sometimes invaluable.

  • ARRI skilled workers
  • ARRI skilled foreman for electrical and machinery
  • Experienced international onsite engineering team
  • Networks, power distribution, studio machinery, lighting
  • Project managers and project engineers
  • Customeroriented and resilient back office


Our engineers inspect and verify the lighting installation depending on the customer’s needs. We provide photometrical, electrical, static, and signaling reports as well as a complete documentation before handing over the key.

  • Photometrical, electrical, and network certificates
  • Positioning and arranging of luminaires
  • Network configuration and testing
  • Full system tests
  • Comprehensive documentation and handover

Training and Education

We provide qualified and experienced personnel to train your staff with the complete lighting system. From the mastery of specific equipment to complete system workflows we provide qualification courses for every demand. To establish a solid basis, we also hold education courses in lighting and lighting technology.

  • Equipment training courses
  • Technical troubleshooting courses
  • Workflow training
  • Network and control courses
  • Lighting education
  • ARRI Academy

After Sales Care

Our after sales services are not just an appendix to a sold product, but an essential part of our customer relations. We are obliged to the quality of our products, systems, and installations.

  • Product warranty up to eight years
  • Service level agreements
  • Detailed maintenance plan
  • Quick reaction time in case of emergency
  • Worldwide operating servicing department
  • Reassessment of lighting design

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