Motorization - DISCONTINUED

The BigBee is ARRI's universal motorized yoke - the successor to the MaxMover. It offers 360° pan and 180° tilt via a DMX or Licht-Technik control unit, as well as focusing via an external focus unit. Lampheads from 0.3 m up to 1 m can be mounted, allowing even heavy fixtures to be handled flexibly.

L2.0003613Motorized Yoke BigBee
universal motorized yoke, steplessly adjustable,
made of heavy duty torsion-resistant aluminum housing, black,
inkl. flight case and adapter for ARRIMAX 18/12,
ARRI Daylight 18/12, Compact 6000, Compact 12000, ARRISUN 120, Studio T12 and Studio T24

for fixtures from 0,30 m ( 12") to 1 m (39") Control: pan (360°) and tilt (180°) via DMX or Licht-Technik control unit; focus via external focus-unit (L2.0003614)
Total load:
up to 100 kg ( 220,5 lbs)
Mains input:
100 – 240 V~, Max: 100 W
5°/s (pan/tilt)
Memory precision:
< 0,3°
IP Protection:
IP 54
L2.0003614Motorized Yoke BigBee - Focus Unit
for the steplessly adjustable motorized yoke, black
L2.0003975Flight case for Motorized Yoke BigBee
L2.0003969M40 adapter for Motorized Yoke BigBee
L2.0003968M90 adapter for Motorized Yoke BigBee
L2.0003970M90 adapter for focus-unit BigBee
L2.0003971Cable Remote Control for Motorized Yoke BigBee
L2.0003976Extension Cable for Cable Remote Control, 25 m
L2.0003982Extension Cable for Cable Remote Control, 40 m