SkyPanel Accessories Stage Softboxes

Professional Lighting Accessories for SkyPanel

Chimera Octa 5 for S60, incl. Frame


The Chimera Octagon 5 for SkyPanel S60 uses a large aperture
to generate extremely soft, yet bright light. A frame holds the
S60 directly in the center of a 5 ft diameter octagon shaped
light bank. The frame slides directly into the SkyPanel accessory
slot. The Chimera Octagon 5 is perfect for beauty and still
photography lighting.

  • Robust frame slides directly in accessory slot of S60
  • 5 ft (1.5 m) diameter Octa
  • Super bright and super soft
  • Perfect for beauty and still photography lighting
  • Includes front 1/2 diffusion and internal 1/2 diffusion baffle