Protection & Safety

Rain Cover for S60


The removable aluminum Rain Cover for S60 by Licht-Technik protects the SkyPanel from rain or snow while providing sufficient space for heat dissipation during operation. The Rain Cover protects the back, top and bottom of the S60 during outdoor applications and wet weather conditions. It is easily attached and does not restrict the S60's ability to rotate or tilt in any direction. An accessory slot at the front allows the simultaneous use of an additional accessory such as Egg Crates or Honeycombs. The Rain Cover guarantees an IP23 rating which makes it splashproof. 

  • Solid aluminum construction in black
  • Self-weight less than 3 kg
  • Allows for the use of SkyPanel S60 facing angles between +75° to -90°
  • Removable back cover for flexible use and storage
  • Accessory slot at the front side
  • IP23 rating