SkyPanel Accessories Stage Mounting 3

Professional Lighting Accessories for SkyPanel

DoPchoice Double Bracket for 2 x S60


The DoPchoice double bracket for SkyPanel is originally designed to hold two S60s directly in the center of either a 7 ft. or 5 ft. diameter octagon shaped DoPchoice SnapBag. In addition, the double bracket can also be used without a softbox. Made of robust aluminum tubes which are connected with mega-claws, the position of the lamphead pair can be adjusted in vertical and horizontal direction.

  • Robust aluminum bracket for two S60s
  • Mounts to any Junior (28 mm) receiver
  • No SkyPanel stirrups required
  • Double Bracket fits Octa 7 and Octa 5
  • no Rabbit Ears square (frame) included
  • Max. load 40 kg (88 lbs)