Professional Lighting Accessories for Orbiter

Chimera Octa 4


The Chimera Octa 4 for Orbiter uses a large aperture togenerate extremely soft, yet bright light. The speed ring creates a direct mounting point between the Chimera Octagon and Orbiter. It holds Orbiter directly in the center of a 4 ft. diameter octagon shaped light bank.
The Chimera Octa is perfect for beauty shots.


  • Approx. 135 cm / 53" diameter, 75 cm / 29" deep
  • Bright and super soft
  • Lightweight and professional grade construction and materials
  • Attaches to the Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) on Orbiter
  • Contains digital optics identification
  • Includes light bank, full and half Chimera cloth front screens, inner baffle, QLM speed ring & storage sack