Professional Lighting Accessories for Orbiter

Orbiter Dome Mini


The Orbiter Dome Mini provides great quality omnidirectional light at a high intensity. Compared to the Dome optic, the Dome Mini is a compact version; smaller and therefore lighter. The highly translucent material keeps the light output loss to a minimum compared to the usually larger, cloth-based domes. The QLM (Quick Lighting Mount) in Orbiter allows a for quick and easy mount of the Dome Mini. The light it produces is great for near distance applications with limited available space.


  • Produces great-quality omnidirectional light with single soft shadow
  • Due to the highly translucent material, the light output loss is kept to a minimum
  • QLM in Orbiter allows easy and quick mount without tools
  • Compact and easy to maneuver
  • Maintains IP24 protection rating of the Orbiter