Carlo Rinaldi, Director of Photography, Italy

“I was mainly looking for an LED fixture with RGB output and a point light quality that could be used to draw sharper light cones than normal LED panels. Orbiter seems to be designed exactly for this, but I was amazed by the power of the light generated and its ease of use. I used the 'Open Face' kit extensively in all its angles, 15°, 30° and 60°, and already got all the results I hoped for. Then, I also tested the Orbiter Docking Ring by adding an ETC Source Four shaper to draw perfect circles or real shapes. Also, the Control Panel is very convenient, as it detaches from the back to become a real remote control via its cable when the projector is placed in certain positions, for example pointing downwards. Working constantly alongside other ARRI lights such as SkyPanel S30 and S60, one of the biggest advantages was being able to work on colours using 'gel packs' or setting specific color coordinates measured with a colorimeter (x,y). Having an Orbiter alongside the SkyPanels, which emit a softer light from a diffused surface, in my case meant adding a direct light component, harder, if necessary, to create a beam of light or simulate a sunbeam for example. It is like finally completing an LED lamp fleet with something that was missing until now. I was impressed by this LED fixture and also realised its potential for many other uses, even as a main light to illuminate a face when softened with a bank or diffusion gels or bounced on a white bounce or muslin fabric.“