S20067-01-D-13b Medium Kit (1)

Studio Kit Medium

This set with an extended rail package has been designed for one or two talents and/or lighting for enhanced separation of one talent from the back ground. The recommended shooting distance is up to 6m.

Set Details

  • Hardlight to add texture and character in your image.

    2x L7-C

    equipped with 8 leaf barndoor DMX cable safety wire 

    Power:   220 W

    Lifetime: 50.000h

    Recommended height: up to 6m

  • Softlight for perfect skin tones and  creating that beautiful soft wrap around light.

    1x S60-C

    equipped with honeycomb 60° and intensifier, DMX cable and safety wires, allow light effects and simulation of almost any colour filter.

    Power:   450 W

    Lifetime: 50.000h

  • 1x ARRI App Stellar with Android tablet (iPad on request)

    App with intuitive design for easy use to control the lights, available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The software will be delivered preinstalled on the tablet and is free of charge for one year.

  • LAN connectivity between Stellar and first Sky Panel (15 m cable)

    SkyPanel node for DMX transmission to other specified lights (daisy chain)

  • 1x Couple of 3 m rails with 1x movable rail beneath; Brackets for mounting on concrete ceiling

    P.O. pantographs (3m travel)

  • Optional Stands: 3x of the stands (A5034) as specified for the mobile kit and 9x sand bags could be added for preferential price.

  • 1x Powerbar PowerCON True 1
    (Schuko, BS 1363 British 3-pin, CEE 17 on request)

    1x  Power cord with inline protection

    plus a Set of network & power cables, safety wires, Velcro

Enquiries and Technical Support

Our kits include everything you need to get started right away. But don’t hesitate to contact your local partner or the team at ARRI System Group to place an order, for support or individual solutions.