SkyPanel S30 - carrier_DSC7157_corr

Mobile Kits Extra Small

A softlight for a perfect interview and mobile application, operated on a stand via ARRIs lighting control app Stellar.

Set Content

  • 1x SkyPanel S30-C

    equipped with Honeycomb 60°, daisy chain and DMX cable, Super clamp adapter for SkyPanel PSU.

    Softlight for perfect skin tones, Honeycomb panel for light control and reducing of multiple shadows.                                       

  • 1x ARRI App Stellar with iPad

    App with intuitive design for easy use to control the lights, available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The software will be delivered preinstalled on iPAD silver, 32 GB, 9,7” including 7,5m cable.

  • 1x Roller stand with folding base

    Robust stands with max height. 340 cm, closed length: 132 cm, weight: 10,7 kg, with sand bags.

  • Power cord with electrical protection (Schuko IN/PowerCON True 1 out), power and DMX distribution cables