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Mobile Kit Basic

Explore ARRI's Mobile Kits supporting you to go live or your streaming. Perfect for influencers and broadcasters with home or outdoor production.

The Mobile Kit Basic is specified with two of ARRI’s award winning Soft lights S 30 C. Ideal for the perfect piece to camera presentation. Installed on mobile stands and controlled via ARRIs intuitive lighting control app, Stellar. The kit can be extended by a powerful battery for a portable operation of the two S 30 C up to 3 hours.

The set content of the media lighting kits is our recommendation and the kits are ready-to-buy. However individual adjustments by adding and replacing products or accessories are possible at any time. Just contact your local partner or add this information in your enquiries below.

Set Details

  • 2x SkyPanel S30-C (manual)

    Equipped with Honeycomb 60°, daisy chain and DMX cable, Super clamp adapter for SkyPanel PSU.

    ARRI’s award winning soft light for perfect skin tones and beautiful soft around light. Honeycomb panel for light control and reducing of multiple shadows for back light.

  • 1x ARRI App Stellar for operation on Android tablet (IOS on request). 

    The software will be delivered preinstalled on an Android tablet, 32 GB, 9,7” with 7.5m connection cable. The software is available subscription-based, the 1st year is included.

    The Stellar App provides with an intuitive and easy to use design for control of the lights.

  • 2x Roller stands with folding base

    Robust and mobile stands with max height. 340 cm, closed length: 132 cm, weight: 10,7 kg, with 6 sand bags.

  • 1x Powerbar PowerCON True 1
         (Schuko, BS 1363 British 3-pin, CEE 17 on request)

     1x Power cord with inline protection

    power daisy chain cables (3 and 5m) and DMX cable (5 m)

  • The mobile kit is available with a battery operation at an additional charge.

    This option includes:

    1x Li-Ion battery Cube 1200 with case


    • 14,4 V, 1176 W
    • Integrated charger
    • Allows for the operation of two ARRI SkyPanel S30-C's for up to 2,5-3 hours simultaneously.

    Includes all cables and accessories for battery operation. Shipment as a dangerous good.

    The battery operation is available as an option. Please ask enquire via your local vendor if you require this option.

    • LAN connectivity between Stellar Lighting Control App and first SkyPanel (7,5 m cable)
    • SkyPanel node for DMX transmission to other specified lights (daisy chain)
    • Wireless transmission is available alternatively on request

Workflow Illustration

Mobile Kit Small Workflow Illustration

Enquiries and Technical Support

Our kits include everything you need to get started right away. Please contact your local ARRI System Partner or the ARRI Solutions Group in your region as mentioned in the “Get in touch” section.