Best in show

Established and successful in the market for over 10 years, the ARRI Event System is used at car shows as well as for red carpet events, sports, fashion and prestigious occasions where superior light quality is required. The ARRI Event System includes the ARRISUN 5 Event and ARRISUN 18 Event, efficient high color rendering daylight lampheads.

Intelligent remote 19” electronic ballast units consist of three easily exchangeable modules and can be operated manually or via DMX remote control. Each channel can be switched or dimmed to 50 % individually and the front panel indicators show the status of both lamphead and ballast. Multicore cable management and power distribution simplifies cabling and reduces the weight on the rig.

The facetted glass reflector, an essential element of the Event lampheads, produces an even spread of superior quality light with around 8 % more light output than an aluminum reflector. The dichroic coating provides excellent color rendering and reduces heat emission from the front of the lamphead.