Stellar. Ready for more.

Experience Stellar 1 year for free!

Ever wanted to experience Stellar, ARRI’s lighting control app, but always put it off? Now is the perfect time!

Just answer a few questions and win an Apple promo code to use Stellar 1 year for free.*

How does it work?

Simply answer the following three questions and fill in your personal data in order to win one of the 50 Stellar promo codes for the Apple App Store.

The raffle will be valid from June 24th to July 5th 2020. (Feedback will be sent by July 12th 2020)

First come, first served: The first 50 participants will be eligible to win.

Good luck!

For more information on Stellar, please visit

*Please note:

  • The code will only be valid for iOS devices (codes will be valid for redeeming until July 27, 2020).
  • All questions must be filled out properly, only serious answers will be taken into account for the promo code allocation.
  • The code is for personal use only. Passing it on to third parties is prohibited and may result in legal consequences.