Syna Greiser, ARRI

What‘s your current job and function?
As Head of Marketing Business Unit Lighting at ARRI I have the pleasure to lead a great team of creative people. We are creating and implementing the communication, marketing strategy, and marketing activities for all of ARRI Lighting. This includes everything from the overall roadmap to specific product or image campaigns that result in activities such as tradeshows & events, video content, press coverage, online communication, merchandise and much more.
How long have you been working in this position?
I started with ARRI in April 2010, founding the marketing department for the Business Unit Lighting and building up a team dedicated to all lighting marketing needs.
What was your goal in producing the video?
We do have a couple of very nice product videos and How To Videos but with this Share the Passion film we wanted to create something cool and fun to look at. We wanted to create something from us, as ARRI Lighting, to all the lighting people out there using our gear. The video is not supposed to promote one single product; it is being used as an image video and to share ARRI’s creative approach with everyone in the lighting industry.
Why did you decide on a dance video?
We wanted to show what you can achieve with our SkyPanels and your added creativity and passion. Both the dancers and our lights stand for creativity and both the lights and the dancers can create unique moments for the audience. The lights are playing with and supporting the dancers and the other way around and so in combination they create a unique vibe.
What were your requirements?
SkyPanels had to be used in a classic lighting setup and also in the most creative way possible. We wanted to show a classic film lighting look with a black and white motif such as in the beginning of the video and then wanted to go "crazy" towards the end with lots of colors and a lighting show, which you can see in the dance part of the video.
What was the major challenge with this project?
The major challenge was time. We had a very tight schedule; hiring crew, getting equipment in November, and for ARRI Media to finalize the storyboard in order to get the shooting done right before Christmas so that post-production could take place in the first two weeks of January.
Which was your best moment on set?
Standing in the final SkyPanel box and see the light show running together with the music, this gave me goose bumps ;-)