Markus Zeiler, ARRI

What was your goal in producing the video?
With the advent of LED technology, we intended to create a 100% LED lit showreel. The team at ARRI Creative Solutions within ARRI Media inspired me with their showreel. We knew that one of our customers used 300 SkyPanels on one stage creating a dome of light for a feature film.
However, we were not allowed to use these details for marketing purposes. While chatting with our creative colleagues, the idea of a showreel with tons of SkyPanels plus details in a behind-the-scenes video was born.
Why did you decide on a dance video?
Rico, our creative director, provided five interesting concepts. The artistry of two dancers interacting within a cube of light caught our attention the most. As mentioned before, a large setup of SkyPanels, which is a technical challenge, should demonstrate the potential of our products – and we thought it’s the most interesting concept for all the lighting people out there.
What were your requirements?
Three points: Top quality. Four weeks for prep, rigging, and shooting followed by a maximum of an additional three weeks until the launch of the showreel at a special key customer event and afterwards going online. And finally, getting one of the best desk operators from the movie industry to express the full potential of the SkyPanel cube.
What was the major challenge with this project?
I guess the three requirements illustrate the major challenges. These parameters that I provided to the team didn’t make their life easy in those weeks right before Christmas.
Was there anything that surprised you?
Even though I have a lighting background, I’m new to the film, broadcast, and commercial industry.
I was actually surprised about the great level of passion and professionalism that I saw on set, and all of this under extreme pressure! It was structured creativity.
Which was your best moment on set?
The music perfectly kicked in while the rings of light were ramping up and unveiling the cube around the male dancer. Goose bumps!
It’s also part of the video – watch second 29!