On set of "ALEXA LF faces"

Recording Formats

Internal recording with ARRIRAW or ProRes

The cinematic quality of the imagery produced by the ALEXA an AMIRA, the ease of operation provided by its intuitive control structure, and its robust construction have all helped make it the new workhorse of the industry. The selection of internal and external recording options makes it easy to adapt the cameras for all kinds of production environments. A feature film production could opt for the highest image quality, recording uncompressed ARRIRAW or MXF/ARRIRAW internally. A wildlife cinematographer may prefer many hours of uninterrupted recording time on a portable external recorder. A TV drama production could benefit from the efficiency of shooting in ready-to-edit formats on the camera's internal recording module to SXR Capture Drive, SxS PRO or CFast 2.0 cards.

The following section gives an introduction to the two main concepts that constitute the basis for all workflow variations.