ALEXA SXT recording module

Apple ProRes

a high quality codec

Apple ProRes in-camera recording

The ALEXA was the first digital motion picture camera on the market offering in-camera recording of Apple QuickTime/ProRes files onto SxS PRO cards, providing the full range of codecs from Apple ProRes 422 Proxy to Apple ProRes 4444 XQ.

With Software Update Package (SUP) 6.0 we added in-camera Avid DNxHD recording. This made ALEXA an extremely flexible camera system for applications in both feature film and broadcast production environments.

Followed by the introduction of the XR recording module in 2013 and the ALEXA XT Series more recording options became available.

Recording clips in Apple ProRes 4444 XQ can preserve the full sensor quantization in 12bit logarithmic encoding, with the same range of colors available in ARRIAW. Images recorded in a 4:4:4 codec are almost indistinguishable from uncompressed HD or UHD material. This makes internal recording attractive even for feature film productions for the big screen. 

Recording in any of the high end 4:2:2 codecs provides perfect source material for all TV applications. Recording in a lower quality 4:2:2 codec delivers easy to handle proxy material, for example when on an ALEXA Classic, the master material is recorded in parallel using an external ARRIRAW recorder.

Apple ProRes is a variable bitrate codec, therefore a longer recording time than initially indicated on the camera may be possible. ProRes recordings are saved in a QuickTime *.mov container.

Apple ProRes White Paper (2018)