data from set to post

Additional data gathered on set - for post production

Metadata is a set of descriptive data that gives information about other data. Timecode, for example, is one common type of metadata. ARRI cameras deliver a wide range of automatic and human-readable metadata that is intended to make production life easier. Information about the exposure index, gamma and white balance in a shot may be important during camera testing, when dailies are created or in a color grading session. Reel number, project fps, date and time are crucial when bringing together image and sound. Dynamic information from our Lens Data System and the roll and tilt sensors can be quite useful for visual effects work.

Camera Access Protocol (CAP)

CAP is used to control and monitor ARRI cameras via a network connection. The protocol incorporates functions to perform color grading, query and set values like exposure index, start/stop recording and many more. It is currently available for ALEXA LF, ALEXA 65, ALEXA SXT, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras.

Functional Overview

Read clip list (also partial; including filename, UUID, project rate, start TC, clip duration)
New variables for last recording medium and clip index
→ allows for staying up-to-date with clip metadata changes
Read ALE file (also partial)
Read static & dynamic lens metadata
Lens model, serial number, focus, iris, zoom
Read & set production metadata: scene, take, production, director, ...
Camera Control & Miscellaneous

Playback control
Enter (with clip index), exit, start, stop, prev/next clip, playback speed, shuttle
Set & read TC and TC options: offset, run mode, init mode, count mode
Set & read project rate
Install look file from look library Access to camera alerts & events
SDI frame grabs in JPG format
Read & set system date/time

Information on the Camera Access Protocol is available through the partner program free of charge. For more details please see our ARRI Partner Program.

Metadata in the file header of our OCN

An ARRI camera automatically collects metadata when shooting. This metadata is stored in the header of a recorded QuickTime file, MXF/ARRIRAW file or the header of an ARRIRAW file. The data is also stored in separate Avid Log Exchange ALE files, which keep track of all statics that are recorded on one capture devices. ARRI cameras can record lens data as well as roll and tilt information which are recorded in the file header dynamically frame-by-frame. Static and dynamic metadata can be extracted e.g. from all recording formats by using ARRI Meta Extract, a free ARRI tool.

Metadata in SDI

We embed different types of metadata into the HD-SDI. Metadata refers to all data besides image content. This data is located in the HANC and VANC space of the HD-SDI signal.

See our Metadata White Paper chapter 7.3 for more.