Working with ALEXA 35 and HDE

High Density Encoding (HDE) Workflows

Currently we have three prossible scenarios for an ARRIRAW/HDE workflow with ALEXA 35:

You can use the ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder to

  • create an HDE/MXF file directly from the CODEX drive or
  • offload ARRIRAW and then transcode from there.

    At some point, you‘ll need to let go of the original ARRIRAW. Otherwise, you also could
  • transfer the original ARRIRAW to post and let them create the HDE.

The workflow is different from using Device Manager, because you cannot use a copy tool to track that first transfer and create more than one output.

Copying data - a comparison of speeds

Grafik aus TechTalk?

CODEX is working on a new Device Manager that will be able to create an HDE/MXF output.
We'll post updates once Device Manager becomes available.

ARRI Tech Talk: ALEXA 35 Workflows — High Density Encoding (HDE)