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Certified Online Training for Camera Systems | MZed

This online training will be a series of 8 sessions and access to self-learning resources covering all aspects of shooting with the ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA SXT W and AMIRA. You will be given the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of camera functions and advanced look workflows. Experienced professionals will detail the many possibilities the cameras have to offer, giving you expert advice.

By the end of the course you will come away with a certificate indicating your product competence and ability to use the cameras to their full potential in real-world situations.

    • Cinematographers
    • Operators
    • Assistants
    • DITs
    • Students
    • Film school teachers
    • Rental staff
    • Creative ARRI look workflows and ARRI color science
    • Understanding linear light, logarithmic and video encoding
    • Advantages of ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes codecs
    • Understanding recording formats and their applications
    • Exposing for SDR and HDR
    • Experience the full capabilities when it comes to HDR and wide color gamut monitoring
    • Exclusive insights into ARRI camera and sensor design
    • Wireless camera control via Electronic Control System and WiFi
    • Learning sessions with our online simulators and tools, as well as common postproduction tools
    • Additional content for self-learning sessions and exercises
  • 8 sessions | more than 10 hours in total

  • Florian Rettich, Senior Trainer & Consultant Digital Workflow Solutions, ARRI

  • English | Subtitles available: English

  • USD 199


What an amazing course! Thank you all so much for putting this together! I learned so much and am so excited to continue to use the knowledge I gained through this course to further my career, and help other people and organizations tell their stories. Thanks again to Harald, Jessica, Florian, and the whole ARRI team for all your hard work to make this happen!

Joshua Morris | Cinematographer

I just completed the Certified Online Training for Camera Systems course and thought to share my feedback with you guys. I am really impressed with all this technical detailed information I got from this course. I will definitely re watch course at least 1 more time before it ends! Adobe Connect worked almost pretty good, very few lagging on random occasions, but overall good connection. Finally, I wish to see another Certified Online Training course for ARRI Lighting. That would be awesome! Thanks again for this wonderful experience!

Mohamed Aly | Lecturer, Professor

Thank you so much. Your instruction was clear and insightful and was very helpful on hard to understand topics.  It was great to learn from your wealth of knowledge and practical work experience.  Your passion for the technology and the art is motivating, and I’m grateful for the experience.

Brent Wylie | Camera Crew

Great to have this online! Opens up access for various of new groups around the globe! More ARRI to the people!


Very well presented and very well spoken. Explained the subjects with conviction and expert knowledge. This online course was very helpful and I am looking forward to participating again in the future. Well done.

Daniel Jones Wilkinson | Head Technician

Your style is unique and I personally enjoyed the classes a great deal, the little things that you did to keep things engaging for the class during the more "dry" topics was very much appreciated.

Markian Bek | Production Associate

Florian and the team who were excellent at explaining, making connections between covered subjects, interacting etc. I felt very safe with Florian as the trainer since all subjects were covered thoroughly and there was always a chance to have things elaborated if needed. 

Jakob Eliasson | Cinematographer, Camera Assistant and Editor

Large Format Cinematography with James Laxton ASC | MZed

In this ARRI Academy masterclass from Camerimage 2018, James Laxton ASC discusses his approach to cinematography and how large-format cameras have helped him to discover a new level of emotional connectivity, including his experiences shooting on the ARRI ALEXA 65 camera and Signature Primes lenses.