News & Stories 2018


ARRI soars to new heights to support friendship among nations

500 meters off the ground, a couple of brave athletes, a twenty-some person crew, and ARRI equipment participated in the launch of this year’s Deutschlandjahr: a year-long nationwide festival celebrating Germany’s close friendship to the United States.

ARRI behind the scenes of Perfume

ARRI behind the scenes of “Perfume”

Netflix and ZDFneo are now airing the high-end crime series “Perfume.” This Constantin Film production was shot with equipment from ARRI Rental and co- and post-produced by ARRI Media. A look behind the scenes.


Lighting and filming food fast with ARRI

Berlin-based DP Winnie Heun chose ARRI lights, cameras, and lenses for a recent Knorr commercial and claimed he "had the right tools for the job."


ARRI ALEXA Mini enlisted to serve New Zealand

When Director of Photography Žiga Zupančič was recruited to shoot a commercial for the New Zealand Defense Force, he relied on the versatility and aesthetics of the ALEXA Mini. 


ARRI talks with filmmakers in Venice

For decades ARRI has fostered relationships with industry professionals from around the world. During the festival, ARRI also took the opportunity to talk with a number of filmmakers about their current projects.


AMIRA Multicam rises to high fashion

The world’s top fashion design companies are demanding ever higher standards of coverage for their shows.  The French company PhotoCineRent has become one of the leading specialists in multi-camera shooting, using ARRI AMIRA and ALEXA Minis. Its founder and director, Albrecht Gerlach, talked to us about the complexities of coordinating as many as 18 cameras to bring seamless coverage to high fashion.


ARRI ALEXA LF shoots for Target in Australia

The first Australian television commercial captured with an ALEXA LF with new Signature Prime lenses has been shot in the rainforests of Byron Shire by popular DP Stefan Duscio and directed by Jessie Oldfield and Adam Murfet for Target Australia.

ARRI applauds First Steps Award winners 2018

First Steps Award winners 2018

With the First Steps Awards, the German Film Academy honors outstanding films by students graduating from film schools in German-speaking territories. As a partner and co-organizer, ARRI congratulates all prize winners and nominees.


"Mother´s Day" – filming drama with AMIRA

The ARRI AMIRA has a well-earned reputation as a tough and adaptable documentary camera, and as a tool for wildlife filmmakers. But it also has a role in features. DP Johann Perry has received critical acclaim for his work on the BBC film "Mother´s Day." He spoke to ARRI about the project and how the AMIRA helped him realize his artistic vision for it. 

ARRI Camera Showreel Fall 2018

ARRI Camera Showreel Fall 2018

ARRI's Camera Showreel Fall 2018 is out, packed with beautiful images captured with ALEXA 65s, ALEXA LFs, ALEXA Minis & AMIRAS. Including extracts from features, documentaries, commercials & art works, it’s ARRI’s tribute to the work of some of the industry’s finest practitioners.


ARRI congratulates the winners of Venice 2018

The Venice Film Festival is not only the oldest but also one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. As in years past, ARRI was present and on the island of Lido for the 75th Biennale Cinema as well as behind the scenes of most of the festival’s top prize-winning films. 


AMIRA Multicam rises to broadcast challenge

The AMIRA Multicam System brings the picture quality you’d expect from ARRI and embeds it into existing infrastructure. It’s part of a growing trend to raise production standards and bring a ‘cinematic look’ to TV shows. The makers of one popular German program made the change and have been delighted with the results. 


HBO’s "Barry": DP Paula Huidobro Takes the Reins

HBO’s "Barry" is a dark comedy about a Midwestern hitman (played by Bill Hader). Emmy nominated DP Paula Huidobro, captured the show on ALEXA with ARRI lights.


Viacom TELEFE launches all ARRI LED studio

Viacom installed a new studio for the Argentinian television channel TELEFE with 100% ARRI LED lights.


ARRI TRINITY "only option" for "Pon My Mind"

Director Meji Alabi and cinematographer Olan Collardy were commissioned to shoot a music video requiring complicated camera moves, in a confined space, with tight budgets, and only one day to shoot. They turned to Charlie Rizek and his ARRI TRINITY for help. 

Adapted from Japanese Manga Artist Fukumoto Nobuyuki’s work, this thriller features Michael Douglas as the villain.

ARRI equipment in China on "Animal World"

"Animal World," a big-budget Chinese film with awe-inspiring visual effects, was captured with ALEXA SXT Studio and ALEXA Mini cameras and illuminated by ARRI LEDs and lights from the M-Series. Recently, Director of Photography Max Wang shared some of his experiences of working on "Animal World" with ARRI.


Weightless control with ARRI Master Grips

DP Marvin Hastert found himself in the rare position of having to wrestle with shoulder-mounted gear that suddenly became much too light. Luckily, ARRI Master Grips were on hand to help.


ARRI behind the scenes on "Wrath of Silence"

Director Xin Yukun’s critically acclaimed film, "Wrath of Silence," is a tough crime thriller set in a Chinese coal mining district. The film’s Director of Photography, He Shan, spoke to ARRI about how ALEXA Minis, Master Anamorphic lenses, ARRI Lighting, and ARRIRAW workflow helped him realize his dark vision for the project.


Beethoven in China with AMIRA Multicam

Streaming the 20th anniversary concert of the Xinghai Concert Hall in the Chinese city of Guangzhou posed many challenges – the AMIRA Multicam system rose to them.


Spotlight on DP Christian Sprenger

For both "Atlanta" and "Brigsby Bear," Christian Sprenger made an interesting choice to shoot with the ARRI AMIRA.

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DP Jerome de Gerlache’s AMIRA Investment

In 2015 director and cinematographer Jérôme de Gerlache decided to invest in his own ARRI AMIRA. Since then he has used it on a diverse range of projects including his first feature film, "Là où on va" ("Where We`re Going"). He talked to ARRI about his work, the AMIRA, and how ARRI’s support network around the world has been invaluable to him.


ARRI takes part in Volucap Volumetric Studio

As co-partner of Volucap, the first volumetric studio on the European mainland, ARRI is driving the development and marketing of recording techniques for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).


ARRI Archive Workshop 2018

The ARRI Archive Workshop 2018 has wrapped up in Munich. The biennial two-day event attracted speakers and delegates from all over the world to discuss all the latest developments and trends in film restoration and digitization. 



RSPB Filmmaker Wild About AMIRA

The ARRI AMIRA has a well-established reputation as an outstanding documentary camera. But its toughness and picture quality also make it ideal for wildlife projects. Tom Rowland made a film for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) about flocks that spend the winter in the UK. And he found the AMIRA was perfect for the job.  


"Teret" DP Tatjana Krstevski in Cannes

ARRI talked to Director of Photography Tatjana Krstevski at the Cannes International Film Festival.  She described the problems she faced shooting "Teret," which was mostly filmed within the cab of a truck. 


"Yomeddine" DP Federico Cesca in Cannes

ARRI caught up with cinematographer Federico Cesca at the Cannes International Film Festival. See our video of him talking about his film "Yomeddine."


ARRI Reflects on an Eventful Cannes 2018

ARRI’s presence, products, and services behind the 7st Cannes International Film Festival—a summary.


Samsung Selects ARRI ALEXA Footage

For their new Onyx Cinema LED screens, Samsung choose films shot with ARRI’s award-winning ALEXA camera system to showcase the 4K cinema display capabilities.


ARRI at DOK.fest Munich

Munich’s DOK.fest 2018 has ended after twelve days of documentary screenings and related events, with ARRI playing important supporting roles. The organizers say 45,000 people visited, which they describe as “an excellent result given the beautiful summery weather” in the city during the festival.


ARRI ALEXA LF: A Night Out in Sydney

When the ALEXA LF was launched in Australia, ARRI entrusted two local filmmakers with one of the precious new cameras to see what they’d do with it. Cinematographer Kieran Fowler NZSC ACS, and director Nik Kacevski took the ALEXA LF and Signature Primes on a night out, and made a film – "Opia." Kieran spoke to ARRI about his experience with the new camera. 


"Bigger, Brighter, Better": ARRI at NAB

Reflecting on ARRI’s presence and products at NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas.


"Wildling" director Fritz Boehm on ARRI

The fantasy-horror-thriller feature "Wildling" is the first production to be released with the support of ARRI´s International Support Program. In an interview, director Fritz Boehm talks about his feature film debut, the formats Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, as well as about his collaboration with ARRI.


SBS World News sees bright future with ARRI

When the Australian broadcaster needed to convert and update their studio with a complete LED package, they turned to ARRI Lighting.


ARRI Camera Showreel 2018

 ARRI’s new camera showreel, highlighting some of the finest images to be captured on ALEXAs, AMIRAs and ALEXA Minis over the past year, is now available. It includes material from more than 50 cinematographers working across the whole industry, and on every continent.


ARRI equipment behind Oscar® gold

ARRI cameras have long been the choice of Oscar® winners and this year was no exception. At the 90th Academy Awards, six of the nine films nominated for best picture were captured with ARRI cameras and lenses while many of them were also illuminated by ARRI lighting equipment.


Del Toro and Laustsen craft "Shape of Water"

Captured on ALEXA with Master Primes and lit with SkyPanels, "Shape of Water" is an otherworldly love story. 


Review: ARRI at Berlinale 2018

With the slogan "Experience ARRI at Berlinale 2018," ARRI took part in the largest German film festival by organizing various activities and supporting the Berlinale Talents program as a co-partner, once again.


Rachel Morrison on "Black Panther" and "Mudbound"

“They’re worlds apart,” says Rachel Morrison ASC about "Mudbound" and "Black Panther." 


ARRI Lighting Illuminates Sundance

ARRI proudly provided L-Series and SkyPanel LED fixtures for Sundance Institute's Filmmakers Lodge and iconic Egyptian Theater locations for the second consecutive year. 


DP Michael Latham chooses ALEXA Mini

For the feature length, hybrid documentary, "Casting Jonbenet," Australian cinematographer Michael Latham shoots with ALEXA Mini.


SkyPanels light up Dodger Stadium press box

The Dodger Stadium press box received a lighting upgrade with ARRI SkyPanels to achieve optimum color rendering to easily match the ambient light anytime of the day.