News & Stories 2017


"The Last Jedi": Steve Yedlin ASC on SkyPanels

From massive stages to location work, the production reportedly utilized 1,000 SkyPanels over the course of the shoot.


ARRI LEDs illuminate studios in Nairobi

Newly equipped with ARRI SkyPanels and L-Series LED light fixtures, Citizen TV and Inooro TV in Kenya can now boast of state-of-the-art, user-friendly, and energy-efficient studios.


ARRI AMIRA and Master Prime lenses down under

Cinematographer Dale Bremner puts ARRI AMIRA and Master Primes through their paces in Australia’s Red Centre.


ARRI celebrates opening of ARRI CT France

With a large reception, ARRI celebrated the founding of its subsidiary ARRI CT France (CT stands for Cine Technik) in Paris.



Netflix series "Dark": A full ARRI package

The first German Netflix Original series "Dark" was postproduced by ARRI Media after being shot with ALEXA 65 and Ultra-Prime lenses and lit with SkyPanels from ARRI Rental. Postproduction supervisor Sven Nuri talked about his work.


ARRI’s LED Fixtures Illuminate 12Stone® Church

Michael Henson, Production Engineer at 12stone® Church discusses challenges of lighting for modern worship environment and benefits of using LED engine for a better multi-site experience. 


ARRI Italia expands and relocates in Milan

The growth of ARRI’s Italian subsidiary necessitated larger, better equipped office space complete with TV studio and showroom.


ARRI video interviews at Camerimage

Filmmakers sat down with ARRI at the 25th Camerimage cinematography festival in 2017 to discuss how they used ARRI cameras, lenses and lights on their projects.


TV Academy honors ARRI with Engineering Emmy®

ARRI’s ALEXA camera system receives highest TV technology recognition for outstanding achievement in engineering development.



Chinese DP Li Bingqiang on "Never Say Die"

DP Li Bingqiang shares his experience working on "Never Say Die." The Chinese comedy film was shot with ARRI ALEXA Mini camera and mostly with Master Prime lenses in ARRIRAW, while using M-series lights and SkyPanel LED fixtures.


Cinematic AMIRA Multicam rocks The Who

For the largest multi-camera utilization of ARRI cameras to date in the UK, ARRI AMIRA cameras were called upon to capture The Who live at Royal Albert Hall in London. 


Skynamic: "ALEXA Mini can handle it all"

The drone pilots from Skynamic are specialists in aerial shots with the ALEXA Mini, and they appreciate the opportunity to keep ARRI´s camera system on the cutting edge with software updates.


Lighting "Blade Runner 2049"

Gaffer Bill O’Leary describes the lighting approach on "Blade Runner 2049," which was supplied with a full camera, grip, and lighting package by ARRI Rental.


ARRI ALEXA Mini used to shoot "American Made"

Veteran cinematographer César Charlone ABC turns to the flexibility and capability of the ALEXA Mini  for this autumn’s action blockbuster, "American Made."


ARRI at IBC 2017: "Fantastic line-up"

New products, renowned industry professionals at the Big Screen event, as well as a big 100th anniversary celebration: IBC 2017 in Amsterdam was a very special event for ARRI.


A Brief Chronicle of ARRI in Latin America

At ARRI Latin America we thought it would be fun to share a brief chronicle of the market we work in.


"TRINITY has renewed my faith"

Steadicam operator Ari Robbins, known for his work on “La La Land,” the film that won the 2016 Academy Award for Best Cinematography, praises ARRI’s TRINITY stabilizer.


ARRI celebrates centennial

On September 12, 2017, in Munich, Germany, ARRI celebrated the company´s 100th birthday with longtime companions.


The History of ARRI in a Century of Cinema

Industry insider, best-selling author, cinematographer, Jon Fauer ASC captures ARRI’s long and exciting history with insightful facts and personal anecdotes. Predominantly focusing on the cameras that made the company what is it today, Fauer paints a chronological picture of one of the most established names in the industry.


DP Brett Pawlak on "The Glass Castle"

The cinematographer of "The Glass Castle" discusses shooting the drama with Master Anamorphics.


SkyPanels light the stage for "The Lucky Ones"

Wolfgang Eibert is responsible for the lighting in the production of "Die Gluecklichen" ("The Lucky Ones") in Munich's Kammerspiele theater. He decided to go with ARRI S30 C SkyPanels – for good reason.


BCE chooses ARRI LEDs for RTL City studios

ARRI LED lights illuminate the 3 new studios at BCE headquarters, RTL City, in Luxemburg. 


Kraftwerk and ARRI go to the movies together

Kraftwerk chooses to use two ALEXA cameras from ARRI to shoot their concert film "3-D The Catalogue" and produce the cinema version at ARRI@Bavaria Film.


ARRI lays cornerstone at new headquarters

On May 24, 2017, ARRI hosted a cornerstone laying ceremony at the company’s new headquarters in Munich, Germany.


ARRI Rental opens new offices in North America

ARRI Rental expands ALEXA 65 network to Los Angeles and Vancouver.


Master Anamorphics on "John Wick II"

DP Dan Laustsen DFF combines ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic lenses with ALEXA XT on the successful "John Wick" sequel.


ARRI Asia doubles office space in Hong Kong

ARRI’s Hong Kong office doubles in size expanding presence in the growing East Asia Pacific region.


ARRI cameras for HDR on Amazon

Cinematographer Tim Orr captures with ALEXA XT on the pilot of "Z: The Beginning of Everything," an Amazon Studios show requiring HDR deliverables.


Lots of enthusiasm at ARRI over the LOLA

ARRI has been recognized with the German Film Award for "outstanding visionary innovations and the creative partnership with filmmakers."


LED lighting case study: "The Handmaid´s Tale"

Cinematographer Colin Watkinson reveals how he lit a key scene in the TV series "The Handmaid´s Tale" with ARRI SkyPanel and L-Series fixtures.


High-speed lighting

Gaffer Andy Stein works with M-Series daylight lampheads and ARRI high-speed ballasts on a slow-motion ice hockey shoot.


ALEXA 65 on "Ghost in the Shell"

Jess Hall BSC turns to the ALEXA 65 system from ARRI Rental for director Rupert Sanders' take on the classic Japanese manga and anime series.


ARRI wins Scientific and Engineering Award

A team from ARRI traveled to Los Angeles to collect an AMPAS Scientific and Engineering Award that recognizes the development of the ALEXA digital camera system. 


ALEXA 65 on "The Great Wall"

Director Zhang Yimou and cinematographer Stuart Dryburgh ASC, NZCS speak to ARRI about using ALEXA 65 on the epic US-Chinese historical fantasy.


ALEXA 65 on "Live by Night"

Cinematographer Robert Richardson ASC shares his thoughts on shooting Ben Affleck's prohibition-era gangster film with ARRI Rental's ALEXA 65 system.