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ARRI’s latest educational offerings

Stay inspired with our webinars, online courses, and promotions.

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) forces many of our customers, partners, staff members, and friends to stay at home. ARRI is committed to continuously supporting the filmmaking community in the best way possible—especially in uncertain times like these.

To keep you inspired, even while staying at home, ARRI has created several new webinar series, ranging from technical deep dives to inspirational talks with DPs.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to learn and grow, or just enjoy some distraction. Hopefully, through these activities, we are able to make a valuable contribution to your day.


Interactive Webinars

Get to know ARRI’s technical, product-focused webinars hosted by our camera systems & lighting experts and use this platform to have your own questions answered live.


Short and concise technical product news and best practices live from the ARRI headquarters.

Duration: 40 min, incl. 10 min Q&A session

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ARRI Asia Hour

A series of in-depth, interactive, one-hour live streams, featuring ARRI camera systems and lighting products. 

Duration: 60 min, incl. 20-30 min Q&A session

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Inspirational DP Talks

Watch ARRI’s interviews with cinematographers and get insights and tips from famous filmmakers.

The Martini by ARRI Rental

Candid conversations with filmmakers about creativity, inspiration, and passion for the art form – straight from the filmmakers’ homes.

Duration: 60 min, incl. 20-30 min Q&A session

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ARRI Rental - The Martini

ARRI's Take Five

Go behind the scenes with DPs in this fun series as we explore the look and feel of various episodics.

Duration: 10-15 min

Upcoming Webinars & DP Talks

Recently Recorded Webinars & DP Talks

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Despite these challenging times, we stand behind our employees, our products, and our services more than ever. Even in these extreme circumstances, we are dedicated to providing our community with tools and inspiration and we will continue to do our very best to meet your needs. We are all in this together. #stayinspired