ARRI Partner Program Camera Systems

The ARRI Partner Program is a demonstration of ARRI’s support for innovation in a rapidly changing market. Through it, we work with the world's best hardware and software manufacturers to deliver high quality, reliable products and file-based workflows to encourage the adoption of the ALEXA and AMIRA camera systems, along with cine lenses and electronic control systems.

ARRI Partner Program (for Camera Systems)
The partner program is free of charge and valid for a period of three years, with the option to extend further. 
Through the ARRI Partner Program we offer:

  • ARRIRAW SDK for Processing of MXF/ARRIRAW and .ari ARRIRAW files
  • Color Management data for color processing of ARRI files
  • Camera Image Core for ARRI Look File 2 processing
  • Camera Access Protocol (CAP) to remote control ARRI cameras
  • Metadata SDK (AMB, the ARRI Metadata Bridge) for consistent transcoding
  • Reference and test files for ARRIRAW and color processing certification

ARRIRAW: The reference processing tool
Use the ARRIRAW Converter (ARC) to view ARRIRAW files, create projects with bins and sequences, looks for your project (and the ALEXA or ALEXA Mini camera) or render the images to one of the common image formats for postproduction, such as OpenEXR, DPX or QuickTime/ProRes. You can also view the metadata stored in your ARRIRAW files and export this data to csv-files. 
ARRIRAW SDK:  Please note, only in case of a direct integration in your proprietary application for high performance image processing you will need the ARRIRAW SDK.

Metadata: The reference tool for reading ARRI Metadata
ARRI’s digital cameras can acquire metadata while recording a take. Metadata not only describes the file itself but can transport other information like details on the camera settings, sensor speed or a look file. These static types of metadata can be combined with dynamic metadata where the values change while shooting – like lens data information from the Lens Data System.
ARRI MetaExtract (AME) is the reference tool for reading ARRI camera metadata out of ARRIRAW, MXF/ARRIRAW, ProRes and DNxHD. Also, the sidecar files *.ale and *.xml carry some of that information. 
The ARRI Metadata Bridge (AMB) SDK helps developers of applications that include a transcoding component be consistent with recognized standards, such as the ACES Container specification (SMPTE ST 2065-4), and current XMP standards. This means downstream applications expecting standards-compliant imagery will very likely ‘just work’ with the application’s AMB-mapped output.

Color: The ARRI Look File 2 reference tool
You can use the ARRI Color Tool (ACT) to create a completely new look, or modify an existing look, based on Log C QuickTime/ProRes clips or Log C dpx grabs from all ARRI cameras. To facilitate the ALF-2 in 3rd party post processing tools, which do not support the ALF–2, simply export ALF-2 looks as 3D LUTs.
As a member in the Partner Program you have access to the Camera Image Core (CIC) which allows you to integrate the complete look management into your application: Creating look files directly in your tool and bypassing a later processing step in the ACT.

Remote-Controlling the camera
It is getting more and more important to control cameras remotely, but also to read or send metadata to and from the camera. The Camera Access Protocol (CAP) is available through the partner program. For more details please download the CAP feature list.

CMD and GUI versions available for anybody
Before applying for the partner program membership, please check if the integration of our Command-line tools (ARC and AME) or GUI-versions of our postproduction tools would be the right choice for your image processing pipeline; they are free of charge - you can download them after a registration process.

ARRI Partner Program
The partner program is free of charge and valid for a period of three years, with the option to extend further. Get technical support from ARRIRAW and color science software developers team. Advanced notice about new camera features and updates.

To apply for the partner program, please contact the partner manager.