Codex Compact Drive™

Codex Compact Drive™ set 6x1TB


Set of six Codex Compact Drives™ 1TB  in their individual protective cases. The set comes with a foam insert for a Peli Case 1120, which can be used to securely store and transport six drives in a single case (Peli Case not included).

The Codex Compact Drive™ is a high-performance solid-state drive with 1 TB (960 GB usable) capacity in a compact, rugged aluminum casing.Codex product code: CX.0001002Write speed up to 8 Gbps.
Recording capacity at 24fps:
ARRIRAW approx. 32min 4.5K OG
Apple ProRes 444 approx. 121 min 16:9 4K UHD

Note: Only supported by ALEXA Mini LF.