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The new ultra-bright LED point source with a variety of optics.

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Phedon Papamichael ASC and the ALEXA LF bring action to life in “Ford v Ferrari”

Hailed as an Oscar favorite, Phedon Papamichael’s “Ford v Ferrari” has it all: drama, high-speed car races and its all shot with the ARRI ALEXA LF.


Roger Deakins on his journey to ARRI’s large format

The celebrated cinematographer Roger Deakins CBE, ASC, BSC joins ARRI to give his feedback on ALEXA Mini LF, Signature Prime lenses, and the TRINITY stabilizer, all of which he used on director Sam Mendes’ new film, “1917.”

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ARRI Broadcast Solutions

ARRI’s expertise in HD and 4K/HDR camera systems, lighting, postproduction, and rental guarantees a deep understanding of the broadcast and media production environment from beginning to end...

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DP Pratik Deora on shooting with ALEXA SXT & Master Anamorphic lenses

"For me, ARRI cameras are a support system. I can trust, rely, and fall back on them in any sort of shooting and lighting condition. As a DP, I like to push the boundaries of my gear and the ALEXA has always held me in good stead,” confirms DP Pratik Deora. ALEXA SXT and Master Anamorphic lenses were “a natural choice” for Pratik Deora and director Puneet Prakash for the commercial shoot “Samsonite | Diwali Ka Safar.”


AMIRA Multicam at festival de cannes.

At festival de cannes, Director’s Fortnight hosted the opening masterclass with @johncarpenterofficial and French directors Katell Quillévéré and Yann Gonzalez. The discussion was captured with two #ARRI #AMIRA cameras in Multicam mode and ARRI/Fujinon ALURA Zoom lenses controlled with ARRI Master Grips and streamed at @quinzaine_des_realisateurs Facebook page and then available for replay on Facebook and @mycanal by @canalplus.


DP Tey Clamor on ALEXA LF and Mini LF: “The image quality is superb”

The Philippine feature film “Isa Pa, with Feelings” was captured by DP Tey Clamor with ARRI’s ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF, and TRINITY. In this interview, she shares her experience of working with ARRI’s large-format camera system for the very first time.

Georgia State University built- Picture

SkyPanels at Georgia State University

Georgia State University built 4D Views Studio, a volumetric capture space to teach students how to create AR elements for broadcast and commercial projects. Professors of Practice, James Martin and Herb Kossover chose ARRI SkyPanels for their flexibility on a multi-use stage and ease of use.


Camerimage Golden Frog

Congratulations from ARRI to the @CamerimageFest Frog winners! The Golden Frog went to Lawrence Sher ASC for @jokermovie shot on ARRI Rental's ALEXA 65 and DNA lenses.

Last night, ARRI hosted- Picture

Nominations Party at the Camerimage Festival

Last night, ARRI hosted the annual Nominations Party at the Camerimage Festival. Nominees for the Golden Frog at this year’s festival were honored by festival director Marek Żydowicz and ARRI Executive Board member Markus Zeiler. 

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