ARRI equipment and services support Oscar® winners

The 92nd Academy Awards recognized many outstanding films this year. Oscar® winners including “Parasite,” “1917,” and “Joker” were all captured with ARRI camera systems and serviced by ARRI Rental. 



The new ultra-bright LED point source with a variety of optics.

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Phedon Papamichael ASC and the ALEXA LF bring action to life in “Ford v Ferrari”

Hailed as an Oscar favorite, Phedon Papamichael’s “Ford v Ferrari” has it all: drama, high-speed car races and its all shot with the ARRI ALEXA LF.


ARRI Broadcast Solutions

ARRI’s expertise in HD and 4K/HDR camera systems, lighting, postproduction, and rental guarantees a deep understanding of the broadcast and media production environment from beginning to end...

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How ALEXA LF, Mini LF, and ARRI Signature Primes helped DP Stefan Duscio make “The Invisible Man” visible

Universal Studios’ “The Invisible Man” is the first feature film made in Australia with ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF, and ARRI Signature Prime lenses. Cinematographer Stefan Duscio ACS talks about shooting a character that can’t be seen.

Changeable optics is one- Picture

Changeable optics: one of the core innovations in Orbiter

With a wide variety of optics to choose from, Orbiter transforms into the perfect light for your application without sacrificing beam, output, or color quality. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows for optics with vastly different properties to be connected to the fixture. 

Teledifusão de Macau’s (TDM) studio acquired the first-ever ARRI L-Series LED lights in Asia

9 years ago Teledifusão de Macau’s (TDM) studio acquired the first-ever ARRI L-Series LED lights in Asia

9 years ago Teledifusão de Macau’s (TDM) studio acquired the first-ever ARRI L-Series LED lights in Asia. They now have been running for an impressive 16 hours a day, all year round, for all these years, and aren’t lacking in output or color quality. That’s the ARRI quality standard. 

Be part of the- Picture

Be part of the new ARRI Signature Prime Lens Showreel

 Share with us your breathtaking images captured with ARRI Signature Prime lenses. All formats are welcome - from feature film, commercial, to documentary, regardless if they are low-budget or blockbuster! 


DP Giorgi Shvelidze on ARRI’s ALEXA: “Can’t imagine working with any different camera”

Since the beginning of his career, award winning DP Giorgi Shvelidze, from the country of Georgia, has relied on ARRI equipment. In this interview, he talks about his most recent project: an interactive commercial video, shot on ALEXA XT and ALEXA Mini cameras with Master Anamorphic lenses.

Get ready to sync- Picture

Get ready to sync and share with Stellar 1.7

Live Sync, Export/Import, iCloud Backup and many more features have been improved in the latest version of our intelligent lighting control app. 

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