Video Room

Willkommen im Videoarchiv von ARRI! Hier finden Sie eine ganze Bibliothek aus Technikbeiträgen, Präsentationen, Demovideos, Clips und Trailern von Produktionen, die mit ARRI Equipment entstanden sind. Durchsuchen Sie die Themen Ihrer Wahl, sortiert nach Kategorie oder Schlagwort, für Videos über spezielle Produkte, Filmschaffende oder Events.


ALEXA: The Violin Maker We recently asked DP Tom Faehrmann to try out an ALEXA prototype. He visited a local violin maker in a small town close to Neuschwanstein, Germany and shot this stunning vignette. Notes the filmmaker, "We arrived with a truck full of lighting equipment, but ended up shooting with only what we found in his workshop: two 100 W desk lamps. Since ALEXA has a true and completely noise-free ISO of 800, the light we captured looks completely natural and authentic..."
ALEXA: Models Tom Faehrmann takes ALEXA out again, this time to the set of a still photography fashion shoot by cinematographer and photographer Oliver Maier.
ARRIMAX 18/12 Bill Holshevnikoff presents the ARRIMAX 18/12
ARRI/ZEISS Master Macro 100 Show Reel For those who want the ultimate in image quality for table top cinematography, product shots, close-up inserts on feature films or any other applications that require a macro lens, the Master Macro 100 delivers images of breathtaking beauty.
LED Caster Series The ARRI CASTER Series utilizes a special optical design and dedicated LED arrangement, presenting an efficient solution for LED Lighting at an attractive price level. Specially designed accessories, such as a 2-leaf barndoor, intensifier and a range of mounting options expand the CASTER Series flexibility.
What is Anamorphic? Filmmakers and audiences alike have grown up with the uniquely cinematic anamorphic look and associate it with the emotional impact of big-screen movies. The sheer width and clarity of the format, its shallow depth of field, the way it handles out of focus backgrounds and flares, all of these have been burned into the subconscious of cinema-goers for over half a century.

See here samples of the anamorphic look.
ARRILASER 2 Roman Gadner displays the new ARRILaser 2 and the accompanying software on the ARRI booth at this year's IBC in Amsterdam.