We had to come up with a camera that first of all I felt save with. That stands through smoke and rain, and whatever you know what could happen in a film - like wild riding cars, exploding things, runs in small caves. I needed equipment I could easily trust for the whole period of shooting and that’s why we came up with the ALEXA Mini.

We wanted these scenes to feel as cinematic as possible; we wanted them to feel like a film and not a documentary. Therefore, the Mini was perfect. We had always planned to shoot the narrative scenes on an ALEXA since I feel like it produces the most cinematic images.

I mean the image, it just loves people’s faces. And for me that was the most important thing. I wanted something that just jumps out and show a space that I was experiencing, that was vibrant and that was live, that was colorful and complex – and this camera just did it for me, in ways I couldn’t anticipate.

Dust everywhere, huge differences in temperature between daytime and nighttime, lots of smoke. The conditions were really difficult. But we never had any problems with the camera: ALEXA Mini can handle it all.

The sensor that ARRI has is beautiful, it’s perfect. I’m very happy that ARRI is at the forefront of the film industry, because there is constant research being done. [...] A nd now we have a camera that I have no complains about.

10 years ago, it would not have been possible to make a 19 minute shot with a 35 mm camera in a taxi, with low lighting. This technology gives much more freedom to the director and more options for the actors to play in a most realistic and natural way.

I’m very proud to say I've pushed the entire creative and technical workflow to 14 ARRI AMIRAs and ALEXA Minis. It’s been a long time waiting, but ARRI has finally filled the gap for storytellers that work in the live environment who still want to offer a truly cinematic experience to their viewers.

The Mini is a fantastic addition to the ALEXA family; actors and directors love it because they often feel restricted by the space a traditional camera department occupies.

The ALEXA Mini was the best choice for us. That camera gives you so much meat!