Lighting Systems Control with Richard Cadena

ARRI Academy “Lighting Systems Control” with Lighting Professional/Author Richard Cadena goes over the basics of digital lighting control technologies. Whether you are starting out in the lighting industry or looking to streamline your production workflow, this 11-lesson video course is the ultimate guide to get you up and running with digital lighting control, using DMX, RDM, Wireless DMX, and ethernet-based networks.

    • Interview with Richard Cadena
    • DMX
    • Building DMX network
    • Troubleshooting DMX network
    • RDM
    • Wirless DMX
    • Intro to ethernet-based networking
    • Testing ethernet-based networks: PING and IPCONFIG commands
    • Art-Net
    • sACN
    • Consoles
    • ARRI LED Ecosystem
  • 11 sessions | 2.5 hours in total

  • Richard Cadena, Lighting Professional / Autor

  • English