Master Classes

ARRI Christmas Master Class with Julio Macat ASC | MZed

In this master class from Camerimage 2019, acclaimed cinematographer Julio Macat ASC (Home Alone, Wedding Crashers) is joined by 1st AC E. Gunnar Mortensen (The Morning Show, Transparent), DIT Arthur To (The Revenant, Game of Thrones) and TRINITY operator Charlie Rizek (1917) to create a series of scenes showcasing the holiday spirit, demonstrating the roles and workflow of a professional film set.

    • Interview with Julio Macat ASC
    • Interview with E. Gunnar Mortensen (1st AC)
    • Interview with Arthur To (DIT)
    • Night Interior
    • Interview with Charlie Rizek (TRINITY Operator)
    • Creating Emotion with Camera Movement
    • Lighting a Scene with One Source
    • The Four Personality Traits of a Cinematographer
    • Bonus Module - After the Wedding Interview
  • 8 sessions | 3 hours in total

  • Julio Macat ASC

  • English | Subtitles available: English

与James Laxton ASC探索大画幅摄影 | MZed

在2018年度Camerimage电影节上的ARRI学院大师课中,James Laxton ASC讨论了他的摄影方法以及大画幅摄影级如何帮助他达到情感连接的新高度,包括他在ARRI ALEXA 65和Signature Prime镜头进行拍摄的经验。