I'd never used Master Grips before. Without them, I don't think I could have done this film. I use them all the time now, because I like to work fast.

The WCU-4 system, with all its wireless possibilities to control the focus, iris, zoom and the camera settings combined in one unit, allows us on set the most of flexibility and is on top also easy to handle. The perfect all round tool for today’s 1. ACs.

In general, ARRI has a very good menu and especially the usability of their attachment parts like the Master Grips is very intuitional. When I used them the first time, everything was just self-explanatory.

I thought perhaps with Tripod work, I wouldn’t necessarily need them, but actually, you just get really hooked on the simplicity, just very, very easily fine-tuning the focus using the Master Grips. They are very, very good.

The dependability and versatility of the WCU-4 allows me to achieve everything that has been asked of me on my current film. Whether it is an Alexa 65 with CLM motors or Alexa Mini and cforce motors, the WCU-4 system has been truly tested over months of principal photography. From locations at altitudes over 2500m with temperatures below freezing to desert landscapes, the WCU4 remote focus system has not let me down.

Master Grips are perfect for balancing. You maintain equilibrium, while you’re controlling the camera – at the same time. They are really a good invention.