IBC 2017: ARRI AMIRA with SUP 5.0 Markus Dürr, Product Manager Camera Systems, introduces the main features of the latest Software Update Package SUP 5.0 for AMIRA.
Camera Showreel Fall 2017
Bill Bennett ASC on ARRI LDS Using the ARRI Lens Data System creates an immediate benefit on set. See here the advantages of LDS from a users point of view.
NAB 2017: ARRI Look Library From Software Update Package (SUP) 5.0 for ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras, ARRI is introducing an exciting new way to implement high-quality looks. The ARRI Look Library puts on-set look management within the reach of all productions, not just those with the time and budget to develop bespoke looks prior to shooting. Offering 87 looks in three intensities, the ARRI Look Library caters to a huge variety of different shooting scenarios.
NAB 2017: AMIRA Software Update 5.0 ARRI's Markus Duerr introduces us to the improved options for AMIRA, including: multi-camera broadcast function, 4K output at 60 fps, pre-loaded LUT-based looks and more.
IBC 2016: AMIRA Multicam Product Manager Markus Dürr gives an overview of the AMIRA Multicam Mode, which makes ARRI image quality available to live broadcast productions.
AMIRA on Netflix’s THE IVORY GAME For THE IVORY GAME, the new Netflix documentary feature film about elephant poaching, an ARRI AMIRA was used as the main camera.
THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN Trailer for THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, directed by Tate Taylor and shot by Charlotte Bruus Christensen on ARRICAM with Master Primes.