Experience ARRI at Cannes 2016 Highlights from ARRI’s presence at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
The Looks of ALEXA Lenses are not the only way to create specific looks. ALEXA is capable of producing an amazing variety of different looks for different stories and situations, with creative on-set color control and incredible flexibility in post.
ALEXA Mini NAB 2016 Showreel A glimpse of the wide range of shooting situations made possible by the compact, lightweight and versatile ALEXA Mini.
ALEXA Mini Skaters Cinematographer Jason Hernandez uses the compact and lightweight ALEXA Mini to film skaters Mason Silva, Stefan Janoski and Guy Mariano, combining it with a 16 mm Ultra Prime and the 15.5-45 mm Alura LW Zoom.
THE FOCUS Director/DP Adi Geisegger uses the ALEXA Mini camera, ARRI/ZEISS Ultra Prime lenses and ARRI Pro Camera Accessories to shoot his short film THE FOCUS.
THE FOCUS behind the scenes Director/DP Adi Geisegger takes advantage of the compact size, light weight and high speed abilities of ALEXA Mini, combining the camera with a range of different specialized rigs including a handheld gimbal and a radio-controlled vehicle.
THE BALLOONIST behind the scenes Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger of the Seattle-based content provider MINDCASTLE test the ALEXA Mini with Freefly Systems' M?VI gimbal rig and CineStar aerial multi-rotor on their short film THE BALLOONIST.
THE JOURNEY, captured with ALEXA Mini Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger of the Seattle-based content provider MINDCASTLE are the creative team behind THE JOURNEY, a visual poem designed to showcase the new ALEXA Mini by using it in a variety of demanding and adventurous shooting situations.
THE JOURNEY – behind the scenes, captured with ALEXA Mini A behind-the-scenes glimpse at how a range of different camera configurations and mounting solutions were used by the Seattle-based content provider MINDCASTLE for its short film THE JOURNEY, which was shot entirely with the ALEXA Mini.