Open Architecture

ALEXA is designed to be the best tool for capturing images and for moving those images from the set to post. This requires more than just a camera, it requires a complete digital production system where all components mesh perfectly, including lenses, recording media, recording codecs, electronic accessories, mechanical accessories, batteries and post production tools.

We have worked closely with a number of innovative companies such as Apple, FUJINON, ZEISS and others to integrate their technologies. Through these efforts, from day one ALEXA is compatible with many existing industry standards and with lenses, accessories and post production tools that are already well established all over the world. To extend the camera’s life, a number of ALEXA components can be easily upgraded. The result is a future-proof system based on an open architecture; the result is simply the most complete and powerful digital production system ever built.


In order to offer more choice to the filmmaker, the ALEXA system is based on an open architecture incorporating many industry stand-ards and compatibility to third party products. This includes Apple’s ProRes codecs, the HD-SDI stand-ard, SxS memory cards and supports for both the Anton Bauer Gold mount and the V-lock standards for on-board batteries.


Our commitment to an open architecture includes our continued work with third party on-board recorder manufacturers and the ARRIRAW T-link certification program. To guaran-tee a smooth ARRIRAW workflow we have been working with numerous third parties that have enrolled in the ARRIRAW Partner Program, so when you come to your post house with ARRIRAW data, their tools will already be able to understand and process ARRIRAW.