ALEXA Sample Footage

ARRI provides sample footage, shot on ALEXA SXT and ALEXA 65.
This site provides an overview of the footage available.

The shots are intended for anyone who wants to test a workflow with ALEXA ProRes and/or ARRIRAW files. For example, to test LUTs for converting from LogC to Rec709, or to check how each of the different formats the ALEXA camera has to offer is best handled in different editing systems.
Please note that this sample footage was created for workflow evaluation purposes.

All clips were captured with an ARRI ALEXA SXT Plus camera. We’ve shot all possible recording resolutions in their respective formats (ProRes 4444XQ or ARRIRAW). The clips have been shot with the following settings if not otherwise noted: 24fps, 800ASA, 5600K; shooting gamma for all clips is Log C. The clips run for about ten seconds each with 2-channel audio.
You can get hold of the full set of metadata by extracting it from the corresponding file’s header using ARRI Meta Extract.

Mode/Format Resolution Lens Look Clip
16:9 mode
ProRes 4444XQ HD 1920 x 1080
MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C001
2K 2048 x 1152 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C002
3.2K 3200 x 1800 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C003
4K UHD 3840 x 2160 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C004
HD 1920 x 1080 UWZ 9.5-18mm ARRI 709 S001C009
HD 1920 x 1080 ALURA LWZ
ARRIRAW 2.8K 2880 x 1620 ALURA LWZ
ARRI 709 S002C001
3.2K 3168 x 1782 ALURA LWZ
ARRI 709 S002C002
2.8K 2880 x 1620 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S004C001
2,8K 2880 x 1620 ALURA LWZ
2,8K 2880 x 1620 UWZ 9.5-18mm ARRI 709 S004C008
4:3 mode
ProRes 4444XQ 2.8K 2880 x 2160 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C005
ARRIRAW 2.8K 2880 x 2160 ALURA LWZ
ARRI 709 S002C004
6:5 mode
ProRes 4444XQ 2K
2048 x 858 MA 100mm ARRI 709 S001C010
Cine Anamorphic
4096 x 1716 MA 100mm ARRI 709 S001C011
ARRIRAW 2.6K 2578 x 2160 MA 100mm ARRI 709 S002C005
Open Gate mode
ProRes 4444XQ 3.4K 3424 x 2202 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C006
4K Cine 4096 x 2636 MP 135mm ARRI 709 S001C007
4K Cine 4096 x 2636 UWZ 9.5-18mm ARRI 709 S001C008
ARRIRAW 3.4K 3424 x 2202 ALURA LWZ
ARRI 709 S002C003

ALEXA 65 Footage

All three ALEXA 65 clips were shot with project rate 23.98 in ARRIRAW Open Gate format. One clip is in sync speed the other two in 60 fps high speed. The used lenses are Prime 28, 50 and 80mm.
For each clip is a 2K ProRes QT proxy available. The original metadata of the ARRIRAW 65 footage is stored in the QT proxy as well.

Mode Format Resolution Comments
Open Gate spherical
ARRIRAW 6560 x 3100
standard speed and high speed

How to obtain the sample footage 
The ALEXA sample footage is available for download via our FTP server. Please use a FTP client software such as FileZilla or please check here for others.

User:           ALEXA
Password:  samplefootage

Please note:  Some FTP clients use “FTP over TLS (Transport Layer Security)” by default. Our server does not support TLS, so make sure you connect to the server using the plain FTP protocol.

For additional information download the ALEXA SXT and ALEXA 65 Sample Footage white paper (which also contains some known issues) here
In a separate document we’ve summarized information on the ALEXA Mini Sample Footage: here

If you have any further questions regarding this test footage or the ALEXA camera, please feel free to contact us at