TRINITY Rig, Pro Set, Gold Mount

K0.0012288 | KK.0020649

TRINITY Rig, Pro Set, Gold Mount

Set including a Transvideo StarliteHD5 monitor. Equipped with three Gold-Mount battery mounts.


The K0 set will come with two foam inserts which will fit into the Pelican 1615 Air case and the SKB 3i-2317-14BE case. The Pelican case K2.0016274 and the SKB Case K2.0016275 are not included in the K0 set and must be ordered separately.

Parts of the set

  • K2.0010470, Cam Power, Cine, 12V, XLR, HiCap
  • K2.0010461, Post Tool for artemis and TRINITY
  • K2.0010290, TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1B 4pin to 1B 4pin
  • K2.0010296, TRINITY Power Cable, D-Tab to 1S 3pin
  • K2.0010291, TRINITY PWR, Lemo 1S 3pin to 1B 4pin
  • K2.0006960, Transvideo StarliteHD5-ARRI OLED Monitor
  • K2.0010288, TRINITY Battery Mount, Gold Mount
  • K2.0010476, HD SDI BNC Cable
  • K2.0010538, Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA
  • K2.0010287, TRINITY Joystick Monitor Mount
  • K2.0010437, Hex Key 1.5mm
  • K2.0010540, Cam Power, Cine, 12V, HiCap, ALEXA Mini
  • K2.0010319, artemis Docking Bracket, 1.8in
  • K2.0010286, TRINITY Rig
  • K2.0010436, Hex Key 2mm