DRW-1 Set, Two Wheels Set


DRW-1 Set, Two Wheels Set

Digital Remote Wheel set with two 150 mm hand wheels, LBUS compatible DRW-1 modules, LBUS cables and mounting base for up to three wheels. Adding the Mitchell Mount (K2.0010427), Euro Mount (K2.0010426) or a long camera dovetail plate allows to mount the DRW-1 to any tripod or stand. The third wheel (KK.0021211) can be added easily at any time.

Set will be delivered in a foam, which fits into a 1560 Pelican Case.

Parts of the set

  • K2.0006751, Cable LBUS - LBUS (0.5m/1.5ft)
  • N2.25004.A, Hand Wheel 150 complete
  • K2.0006750, Cable LBUS - LBUS (0.3m/1ft)
  • K2.0019319, DRW-1 Module
  • K2.0019325, DRW-1 Mounting Base