LMB 4x5 Extra Rotatable Filter Stage


An optional 360° rotatable third filter stage for the LMB 4x5, with integrated tray catcher. Can be used as a stand-alone filter stage with all LMB 4x5 clamp adapters.

LMB 4x5 Swing Away Tilt Module


The module offers a comfortable swing-away with extension for easier lens changes, as well as an integrated tilt module for 10° up and down adjustments to avoid unwanted reflections.

It can be mounted directly on 15mm rods. In combination with the  LMB 19mm Studio Rod Adapter (K2.0013432) it also fits on 19mm rods. 

LMB 4x5 Tilt and Flex Adapter


A flexible rubber donut adapter to use with lenses from small to large diameters (62-143mm), for use with LMB 4x5 swing-away tilt module or with lenses where lens elements are extending. The LMB 4x5 15 mm LWS console can be mounted either on top or at the bottom. Compatible with LMB-25, LMB-5, LMB-15.

LMB Flag Holders


A pair of flag holders that can be mounted on the top, bottom, or sides of the LMB 4x5 and LMB 6x6. Also compatible with LMB-25 and LMB-6(top)

LMB 4x5 backplate with filter guides


LMB 4x5 Top/Bottom Flag


A carbon fiber flag, with two extensions,which can be mounted at the top or the bottom of the LMB 4x5 – compatible with LMB-5, LMB-15, and LMB-25.

LMB 4x5 Side Flags


A set of two carbon fiber side flags, each extendable on the top. Please note that K2.0013825 LMB Flag Holders are required.

LMB 4x5 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage


An optional non-rotatable third filter stage for the LMB 4x5. Can be used as a stand-alone filter stage with all LMB 4x5 clamp adapters. The LMB 4x5 sunshade can be mounted directly to the front of the filter stage.

LMB 4x5 15mm Lightweight Support Console


A screw-in standard 15 mm lightweight support console. Compatible with: LMB 4x5 143 mm clamp adapter LMB 4x5 Tilt and Flex Adapter

LMB 4x5 Foam Insert


The foam insert for LMB 4x5 fits perfectly into the Peli Case 1560 and 1560M. It is included in all LMB 4x5 sets (LMB 4x5 Clamp-On Set 3-Stage, LMB 4x5 15mm LWS Set 3-Stage, LMB 4x5 Pro Set, Upgrade Set LMB-25 to LMB 4x5 Basic, Upgrade Set LMB-25 to LMB 4x5 Pro).

LMB Accessory Adapter


For 3/8 inch accessories such as ultrasonic devices-compatible with LMB 4x5 / LMB 6x6 / LMB-25 / LMB-6 with the additional sliding possibility for a perfect positioning.