LMB 4x5 Pro Set


LMB 4x5 Pro Set

The LMB 4x5 set to fulfill all needs with the most modular matte box – from single stage, to three stage, to bottom and top lightweight mounted, to the full-blown version with swing-away tilt module, all carbon fiber flags (top and side) and both extra filter stages (rotatable and non-rotatable). The weight of the whole Set is 2272g. The LMB 4x5 Pro Set comes in a foam insert that fits perfectly into any kind of Peli Case 1560. Note: 19 mm and 15 mm studio rod adapters must be ordered separately.

For 4x5.65 filters.

Parts of the set

  • K2.0013447, LMB 4x5 Swing Away Tilt Module
  • K2.0013825, LMB Flag Holders
  • K2.0007992, LMB 4x5 Set of Mattes anamorphic
  • K2.0014006, LMB 4x5 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage
  • K2.0013589, LMB 4x5 Basic Module
  • K2.0023149, LMB 4x5 Foam Insert
  • K2.0013014, LMB Accessory Adapter
  • K2.0013460, LMB 4x5 Extra Rotatable Filter Stage
  • K2.0014206, LMB 4x5 Tilt and Flex Adapter
  • K2.0013724, LMB 4x5 Top/Bottom Flag
  • K2.0000069, LMB 4x5 Set of Mattes spherical
  • K2.0013750, LMB 4x5 Side Flags
  • K2.0013427, LMB 4x5 15mm Lightweight Support Console