Vibration Isolator for SRH, Gen. 2, metric, Basic Set


Vibration Isolator for SRH, Gen. 2, metric, Basic Set

The vibration isolator for the SRH remote head series combines excellent isolation from dynamic impulses, shocks and vibrations in an extremely compact and rigid design.

Four polymer damping elements absorb unwanted vertical and angular movements in the roll and tilt axis but keep the pivot axis defined and stable. Therefore, the torque power for the pan axis can be maxed out when needed. The polymer elements are located between two of the three layers of the isolator and can easily be adapted to current requirements with four knurled adjustments nuts.

The vibration isolator for the SRH series allows two types of mounting on the SRH remote heads. With the so-called direct mounting, the vibration isolator can be mounted directly on the base plate of the SRH remote control head, whereby the vibration isolator or the attachment to the crane remains as close as possible to the remote head. In this way, the leverage and the associated load change of the remote head can be kept as low as possible. Especially when the remote head is mounted on vehicles. The second way is to use the included classic Mitchell Mount adapter. The adapter allows fast changes from a crane to a dolly or to an ISO dampener. 

Please see the user manual and quick guide for detailed information.

Parts of the set

  • K2.0038752, Vibration Isolator for SRH, Gen. 2, metric
  • K2.0038756, Wrench for SRH Castle Nut, Mitchell Mount
  • K2.0038758, Case for Vibration Isolator for SRH, Gen 2