Master Prime Set - Demo No.330000

Master Prime Set - Demo No.330000

110,900.00 EUR (excl. VAT and applicable taxes) 

• Location: Munich, Germany

Master Prime Set Feet Scale
1x    K2.47700.0    Master Prime 16/T1.3,ft
1x    K2.47703.0    Master Prime 25/T1.3,ft
1x    K2.47705.0    Master Prime 32/T1.3,ft
1x    K2.47708.0    Master Prime 50/T1.3,ft
1x    K2.47710.0    Master Prime 75/T1.3,ft
1x    K2.47711.0    Master Prime 100/T1.3,ft
1x    K2.47719.0    Master Prime 135/T1.3,ft

The ARRI Master Prime lenses realize a cinematographers dream: Super 35 prime lenses that are both fast and have an optical performance surpassing that of all other primes in an extensive range of available focal lengths with virtually no image breathing. Master Primes are compatible with digital and film cameras. They create images of high resolution and high contrast while showing minimal flares and veiling glare. This is particularly important when shooting with digital cameras that have a high dynamic range, as excessive flare in the lens can diminish the maximum contrast range that is transmitted to the camera. Extremely reduced internal reflections at T 1.3 guarantee superb contrast in low light situations, seeing deeper into the shadows than any other lens before. At the same time the Master Primes offer great performance even with high key light/high contrast scenes, since sharpness, contrast, resolution and field illumination are all optimized throughout the complete T Stop range. All Master Primes are carefully color matched to each other and to the other lenses in the ARRI lens portfolio. While the focus scale can be reversed to switch from meters to feet, lenses listed here under meter are preset to show the LDS info in meters, and lenses listed under feet show LDS info in feet.

The Alura 15.5-45 and Alura 30-80 as well as the Master Primes, Master Macro 100 and LDS Ultra Primes are equipped with the Lens Data System (LDS). These lenses continually transmit their status to any LDS equipped camera, where the information can be displayed either on the video assist (film cameras), MON OUT or electronic viewfinder (ALEXAs) or on the Lens Data Display for Focus Puller (LDD-FP) for faster and smoother working on the set. The ALEXA family of cameras records the LDS information into metadata for more efficient VFX or 3D post production. ARRI/ZEISS primes are manufactured to such close tolerances, that even without any special matching they are great for 3D shoots. Lenses that have the same letter code on the focus ring exhibit an even closer match.