Handle Extension Set


Handle Extension Set

The Handle Extensions follow the design of the Camera Center Handle CCH-4. The number of each HEX refers to the number of 3/8”-16 interfaces on the top (HEX-1 has one and HEX-5 five of them). They can be connected in multiple ways in order to extend a top handle but also to build your own handle design. Every HEX offers a 3/8-16” screw at the front (ARRI Multi-HEX screw with 4 different tool options) with two anti-twist locating pins and the corresponding thread interface at the back. Multiple RMB-3, as well as ¼”-20 interfaces, are included as well.

The system can also be used to build a so-called "Hollywood Handle". This allows to operate the camera from the back without touching the on-board battery.

The Handle Extension Set comes in a foam inlay which fits in a Peilicase 1179 (Pelicase not included).

Parts of the set

  • K2.0019791, Handle Extension HEX-1
  • K2.0019792, Handle Extension HEX-2
  • K2.0019797, Handle Extension HEX-3
  • K2.0019798, Handle Extension HEX-4
  • K2.0036917, Handle Extension HEX-5
  • K2.0019810, Handle Extension HEX-90
  • K2.0037131, Wooden Shell for HEX
  • K2.0037132, Plastic Shell for HEX