SRH-3 Stabilized Remote Head, No Radio, Set, Microforce Joystick


SRH-3 Stabilized Remote Head, No Radio, Set, Microforce Joystick

Fully stabilized 3-axis remote head equipped with the Microforce joystick. The joystick offers a highly precise and tactile optimized control of the pan and tilt axis of the remote head.

The SRH-3 can accommodate payloads of up to 30 kg / 66lb. The compact and lightweight design, only 9.4kg / 20,7lb offers an excellent payload to own weight ratio.

The integrated LBUS offers future-proof workflows and professional controls such as the ARRI Wheels or the ARRI Encoder Head.


The SRH-3 does not contain a radio module! If wireless communication is required, please use:

ERM-2400 Ext. Radio Module 2.4 GHz RXD-TXD, SRH Basic Set K2.0033757

ERM-900 Ext. Radio Module 900 MHz RXD-TXD, SRH Basic Set K2.0033758

Parts of the set

  • K2.0037204, SRH-3 Stabilized Remote Head only, No Radio
  • K2.0037289, RCP-2, Remote Control for SRH-3, SRH-360, Microforce Joystick, No Radio
  • K2.0019295, Short QL Plate Gen2 for SRH-3, TRINITY, MAXIMA
  • K2.0019298, Mitchell Mount for SRH-3
  • K2.0019302, SRH-3, FS CAN Bus Cable, 10m/32.8ft
  • K2.0019306, SRH-3, Battery Power Cable, 12V/24V, 0.5m/1.64ft
  • K2.0021427, SRH-3 High Capacity Battery Power Cable 24V, 3pin XLR, 10m/33ft
  • K2.0021428, SRH-3 High Capacity Battery Power Cable 12V, 4pin XLR, 10m/33ft
  • K2.0037208, Tool for Mitchell Mount, SRH-3, SRH-360
  • K2.0037206, 3/8in-16 Camera Screw
  • K2.0037206, 3/8in-16 Camera Screw
  • K2.0037205, 90° angled Hex Key 4mm
  • K2.0037207, Zip bag for tools
  • K2.0016285, Case for Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3