Archive Challenges and Solutions

A race against time
All around the world, film archives have to deal with the immense amount of film material that has accumulated over the last century, most of which has yet to be digitized to an acceptable standard.
The early years of cinema saw a profusion of short-lived film formats, which complicates matters; worse still is the fact that overuse and poor storage conditions have led to damage of many different types, from torn or missing perforations to scratches, warping and shrinkage of film materials.
In many instances, the struggle to preserve what remains of our collective cinematic heritage is a race against time.

Common Challenges

Comprehensive tools and accessories
Over the last few years the ARRISCAN and ARRILASER have set industry standards for digital postproduction. In cooperation with film archives and restoration specialists worldwide, ARRI has now expanded its range of cutting-edge technologies for digitizing and remastering historical films.
Offering the most versatile, upgradable and high quality toolset for restoration facilities and film archives on the market today, the ARRISCAN and its various archive accessories are increasingly relied upon for the most prestigious international restoration projects.

ARRI Solutions