Advanced Service Training

ARRI Service provides hands-on service training for professional camera and lighting technicians, owner-operators and distributors – with or without technical experience. The training courses are designed to transfer detailed knowledge about the service and maintenance of all different types of ARRI products. After completing a course you will be able to keep your equipment in the best possible shooting condition and heal the wounds of a hard life on set.

A skilled and experienced ARRI service technician will explain the technology behind and inside ARRI products, imparting the skills required to diagnose problems quickly and solve them effectively. Rental facilities will find that service technicians who have completed the training work faster and more efficiently, saving time and money by minimizing the occurrence of problems that necessitate shipping a product back to the factory.

Participants will disassemble and reassemble cameras, viewfinders, hand units, motors and lights, practicing every task they might confront on set or at the workbench. Learning how to maintain equipment properly and regularly will also help owner-operators get the most out of ARRI products that are built for an extremely long working life, making ownership more rewarding.

There is no better way to gain the knowledge and experience to use special tools, test equipment and spare part sets designed for advanced service technicians. After completing a workshop, attendees will have access to diagnostic software and will be authorized to order tools and spare parts that are not available to anybody else.